Welcome to Chiltern

Welcome to Chiltern Primary School

Together, over time, we are proud to learn to make a difference to ourselves and others

We are a good school, providing a caring, safe and welcoming atmosphere for our families.  As a fully inclusive, mainstream school, we value on-going partnerships with all families and agencies to ensure our children receive the best possible education from their start with us. We firmly believe that school and family working closely together will give your child the very best academic, social, emotional, spiritual, creative and physical opportunities possible.

At Chiltern, we expect all pupils and staff to follow our code of conduct:

Be ready

Be respectful

Be safe

This conduct, along with an emphasis on respectful values and politeness, creates a community where everyone’s voice and opinions will be heard and understood – we want our children to appreciate they have a shared responsibility for all of our futures. Our full time nurture provision helps this happen.

We balance high expectations with a range of personalised needs as we focus on strong learning from on-entry, so we create a rich, relevant curriculum that builds on the strengths of all. We want all of our children to be happy, hardworking and healthy citizens - that is why we always offer a wide range of sports, arts and community links to help our pupils understand how they fit into our world.


I look forward to watching your child thrive at our school.

Yours sincerely,

Penny Howell

Head Teacher