At Chiltern we are committed to personalised learning for all children.  We endeavour to eliminate prejudice and to promote inclusive attitudes in line with the Equality Act  2010.

Children with Special Needs

Every one of our pupils experiences difficulties at some time in their education. Children with more specific special needs are catered for appropriate programmes designed to suit their individual needs. Parents are consulted at all levels and the guidelines laid down by the authority relating to the 1981 Education Act are followed. When necessary, the Children & Young Peoples Service is contacted where support can be given to mainstream teachers.

Our special needs coordinator is also the lead SENCo for Northamptonshire County Council so we know the provision we put in place is second to none. Children with particular difficulties are brought to the SENCo’s attention by class teachers. We are proud to be a fully inclusive school.

The school has a written policy on Special Educational Needs and this can be made available for parents to read. Further details regarding the provision of education for children with special needs can be found in the Authority's publication "Schools in Northamptonshire - Information for Parents", obtainable from either the school or Education Department.

Pupils with Disabilities

At Chiltern Primary School we are committed to ensuring equal treatment of all its employees, pupils and any others involved in the community with any form of disability and that disabled people are not treated less favorably in any procedures, practices and service delivery. We will not tolerate harassment of disabled people with any form of impairment and will also consider pupils who are careers of disabled parents. Our building is single storey and has a disabled toilet and wheelchair access.