Health and Safety Policy

The governing body and Amey (our PFI provider) do all they can to ensure that there is a secure and safe working environment for pupils, staff and visitors at this school. We have a high regard for health and safety and accept  responsibility for it.  The governing body has adopted and follows all policies and advice as provided by Northamptonshire County Council Health and Safety Department.

The governing body has set in place:

  • an organisation for managing health and safety within the school
  • appropriate arrangements for ensuring a safe and healthy working and learning environment is provided
  • monitoring and evaluation system to ensure the policy is being met.


Children should not wear any jewellery to school as advised by best practice from the Local Authority. The wearing of jewellery of any kind (including earrings, stud earrings, rings etc) is not allowed by the Local Education Authority as it can cause serious injury in physical education. Please also note that hair should be tied back for PE.


Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the school site, including the building and school grounds. We would also appreciate it if parents and other adults refrain from smoking on the paths immediately outside the school gates.

Adventure Playground

We have a wonderful adventure playground which the children use during school time at specified times under adult supervision and provided it has been checked for safety according to the weather conditions. All children are regularly reminded by staff that they must not use the equipment before and after school and we urge parents not to let children on to the equipment at these times.