Charging Policy

We follow the national guidelines on charging for school activities.

Briefly, education for pupils should be without cost to parents if it takes place wholly or mainly during the school day. Tuition on a musical instrument (or other extra activities such as after school football coaching) is regarded as an optional extra and a charge may be made.

If the number of places available for a particular activity is limited, the school will decide which pupils should be given the opportunity to participate, without reference to parents’ willingness or ability to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost. In the case of residential visits, where a school activity involves pupils in nights away from home, a charge may be made for board and lodging (but should not exceed the actual cost of the provision).

Special arrangements may be applied for parents whose circumstances qualify their children to receive free meals. Parents in this position who are having difficulty paying should contact the head teacher. In such cases, parents will need to provide evidence of eligibility. Any request, of course, will be treated confidentially.

National guidelines do not in any way prohibit or prevent a school from seeking voluntary contributions for the benefit of the school or in support of any activity, whether during or outside school hours, residential or non-residential. Such contributions should be genuinely voluntary and pupils would not be treated differently whether or not parents have made any contribution. It is likely, however, that most visits and activities will depend upon voluntary contributions.

When there is a cost involved we will write to parents giving general details and including the cost per child. This amount will not exceed the actual cost for one child. On some occasions you will be asked to send the money as soon as possible. This may happen, for example, when we are required to pay for tickets or to make a deposit. We endeavour to give you advance information about events in our termly newsletter although others may be added during the course of the term, especially for more expensive opportunities.