Attendance Policy

Everyone connected to our school knows that regular attendance is essential for all pupils if they are to be successful. The local education authority recommends that schools should expect parents to contact them on the first day of absence. Parents should ring the school office between 8.00 and 9.20am.

Parents will be contacted if they have not informed the school by 9.20 am on the first day. Failure to communicate reasons for absence will result in children being marked as taking an unauthorised absence.

We are also very concerned that children should not be late for school. It is very important that children arrive at school by 8.45 am. They should not be here before 8.40 am.

Pupils should not take holidays during term time as these will not be authorised.  However, if you choose not to follow this policy and you intend to remove your child from education during term time, please inform the school office of the absence dates.